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This form serves as Consultation Request Form for dogs over 6 months, but can also be used to set up training for Puppies under 6 months.
Hello! I'm Jesse's assistant, Lola. Who are you? *

Hello, {{answer_dV59jRoStjvq}}, will there be anyone else participating in the training? *

Who are they and what are their names? *

{{answer_dV59jRoStjvq}}, we do have some terms and conditions we'd like you to be aware of before collecting anymore information from you, is this ok? *

If you're inquiring about puppy training, I just want to let you know that Canine Perspective does not offer consultations for puppies under 6 months, but you can still submit this form to sign up for training! Is this ok? *

From experience Jesse has learned when working with couples or families, it is more effective and efficient to train when both persons, or whomever will be with the dog regularly, be present and is mandatory. *

Great! We like to be upfront at Canine Perspective and just want to make sure you know that Jesse utilizes e-collars/prong collars for training when working with adult dogs or puppies over 6 months.

If your puppy is under 6 months or is only needing simple obedience, Jesse utilizes positive reinforcement methods. *

Don't worry if you're unsure. You can find videos and information about e-collars on the Training FAQ section of the site. During the consultation Jesse will go over everything you need to know about his methods and techniques and what options you have. If you have any questions or concerns, you may reach Jesse directly at 773.983.8840

Perfect! Did you know there is a fee for the consultation? $50 for Obedience/Non-Human Aggression, $100 for Human Aggression. If you decide to book training within two weeks from the consultation date, the fee is credited to the program.

Also, there is an additional non-refundable travel fee for consults outside of the city. *

Travel fees start at $25 per visit and price depends on length of time to get to the destination, as well as, miles and gas.

Almost done! Did you have a chance to look over Canine Perspective's prices? *

Excellent! I'm happy to hear you'd like to learn more about Jesse and Canine Perspective! How did you hear about us? *

Awesome! Who referred you? If you don't remember their name, no problem! Just type, "I don't remember." *

{{answer_y3JcDwr1oECY}}, that's great! Thanks for letting us know. So, what type of consultation are you requesting? *

No problem, I forget stuff too. What type of consultation are you requesting? *

Please, tell me, what is your dog's name? *

A puppy! What is their name? *

Does your pooch have any fur-brothers or fur-sisters that will be joining us? *

Ooooh! Please tell me their name(s)! *

What is their size, age, breed, and gender? Also, please include if whether or not they are spayed or neutered. *

What is everybody's size, age, breed, and gender. Also, include if whether or not they are spayed or neutered. *

The more information, the better!
Any medical conditions/allergies? *

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What's the best number to contact you, {{answer_dV59jRoStjvq}}? *

Just a few more questions! What is your address? *

Remember, Canine Perspective offers only private in-home training at the moment. Knowing your address helps me to schedule Jesse's appointments easier because I can see when he'll be in your area and if your times coincide with each other!
Up to date on shots? *

No? How come? *

What's your reason for reaching out? Please be as specific as possible, the more information we have, the better! *

Have you worked with a trainer before? *

How many trainers and what did you work on? *

Cool! Jesse prefers to work with a clean slate! What are your goals with the training? *

Thanks for sharing! What are your goals with the training? *

Anything else I should tell Jesse? *

Last question, I promise! What is your availability for the consultation? Remember, for couples or families, whoever will be in charge of the dog or puppy's care will need to be there as well. *

Thank you so much for all the information! I'll relay this over to Jesse and he'll follow up with you soon!
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No worries! I'm sad to hear Jesse and Canine Perspective is not a fit for you, but we wish you all the best! We'll be here if you change your mind!
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